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Misalignment of your spinal column and its impact on related bones, nerves, muscles and connective tissues can result in a number of painful or uncomfortable conditions. The good news is that your chiropractic disorders aren’t simply something you’ll have to get used to -- or mask with pharmaceutical painkillers.

At Chiropractic Experience Wellness Center in Lawrence Kansas, Dr. Mark Howarter has treated thousands of patients in ways that reduce or eliminate chronic pain and discomfort through non-invasive and drug-free chiropractic techniques that bring quick and lasting relief.

Dr. Howarter and his team begin with state-of-the-art diagnostics, including any necessary x-rays, Insight paraspinal nervous system scan, posture and spinal screenings, to find the central cause of pain. We then share a proposed course of restorative care for the best possible outcome. That course might include chiropractic treatment, custom corrective exercises to strengthen affected areas, lifestyle advice and nutritional counseling to maintain your ideal health and wellness.


Conditions Treated Through Chiropractic Care

Common conditions treated by a chiropractor include such musculoskeletal disorders as neck and shoulder pain, upper and low back pain and herniated discs. Dr. Howarter also treats painful sciatica, workplace and sports injuries, vehicular accidents and the result of slips and falls and other mishaps on the musculoskeletal system.

Bodily disorders can also be the underlying cause of or aggravate, fibromyalgia, various stress headaches and migraines and other painful conditions. Through advanced chiropractic treatments, patients of Dr. Howarter can see dramatic improvement and find lasting relief of pain and discomfort that has lasted months, years or even decades.

Corrective Exercises

Every patient receives a custom exercise program that will help strengthen affected areas. This is a regime tailored only for you, and one that can be completed at home or work to help optimize functional body movement and keep your body in balance.  

Lifestyle Assessment and Coaching 

For those patients who seek our counsel in this area, we are very proactive in advising activities that should be added -- or deleted -- from your lifestyle for optimal overall good health. We’ll work in full collaboration with you to help you reach and sustain true health through beneficial practices.

Exercise Counseling

You truly are what you eat. Dr. Howarter and his team have spent years studying the effect of nutrition and food choices on health and wellness and specifying vitamins, supplements and diet regimens that can yield the best results. Eat better, live better.

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If you’re in pain and discomfort -- or you’d simply like to boost your overall health and wellness -- we invite you to consult with us.

To schedule an appointment at Chiropractic Experience Wellness Center in Lawrence for a new level of wellness for you and your family, simply call us at (785) 838-3333. For your ultimate convenience, you may also fill out an online appointment request form.


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