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Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression Provided by Our Lawrence, KS Chiropractor

If you're experiencing back pain, tingling, numbness, muscle weakness, or a burning sensation in your back, you may have an issue like a herniated disc. Also known as a slipped disc, this issue can cause issues with your nerves. This isn't the only issue that can cause you back pain. At the Chiropractic Experience, serving Lawrence, KS and the nearby region, our chiropractor can diagnose your problem and determine if a treatment like spinal decompression could help you.


About Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is a chiropractic treatment used for back pain, discomfort, and other problems caused by back issues. This particular treatment can help your spinal discs heal, which can reduce or alleviate your pain and other symptoms.

The treatment consists of our practitioner requesting that you lie down on your stomach on a table. Then, our practitioner will connect you to a device that will gently pull on your spine. At this time, the device pulls you from both sides to separate your vertebrae from your discs.  

How Spinal Decompression Can Benefit a Patient  

Our chiropractor uses spinal decompression on patients to relieve pressure on the discs, soft tissues, and nerves. Additionally, spinal decompression can promote blood flow throughout your back. With the additional nutrients reaching your back, you can heal more optimally from an injury. 

What We Use Spinal Decompression to Treat

Spinal decompression may be a sole treatment for your issue, or we may pair it with other chiropractic care. Generally, we use it for conditions like a herniated disc. This issue occurs when you have a tear in the lining of a disc. The contents begin seeping through the crack and may place pressure on the surrounding nerves and tissue.

Besides a slipped disc, our chiropractor may use spinal decompression for a bulging disc. This occurs as a result of the aging process. The outer shell of your discs weaken. As they do, the contents push against the weakened lining.

Additionally, our chiropractor might recommend spinal decompression if you have sciatica -- a group of symptoms that stem from damage or compression on your sciatic nerve. This nerve is the largest in your body, and it runs from your lower back to your feet. Issues with it can result in numbness, tingling, pain, burning sensation, or weakness from your lower back to your feet. Spinal decompression can take pressure off this nerve.

Our chiropractor may advise you to undergo this procedure for other reasons like degenerative disc disease as well. 

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